Introducing myself (a bit TL;DR)!

So, first blog time… Hello any and all who care to read!

I guess the first thing is giving you a bit of an idea of what I’m about! (That’s me in that black and white ‘glam’ shot).

Peddler of wares…

So, you know, I’m a marketing guy. I thought to myself in year 10 “Yeah, business studies is cool”. Then I found the whole marketing component of it and something clicked. Imagine being able to come up with all these awesome new ways to try to get people to buy things! That’s basically the simplest way of putting it without writing a book, but I’ve been hooked ever since.

I didn’t make it straight into my desired uni course, so I had to go through a bridging course and then got into a Bachelor of Business (Marketing). Did pretty well too (despite a nasty bout of bowel cancer during my last semester, at the age of 21! Won’t get into that now, but, in case you’re wondering, still alive and kicking!) and used that to get into practical stuff at the family company!

Inspiration for me comes from the likes of Todd Sampson and Russel Howcroft (Thanks Gruen Transfer!) but more recently includes the likes of New York Times’ Jer Thorp, big agencies and the human story behind data (I particularly love how far visualisation has come!). Now I have my Master’s and am generally excited about the future of data, digital and marketing as a whole.

Traveler of worlds…

Well, obviously that’s a euphemism (read “traveler of world”), but like many people I am big on traveling and seeing this world for what it really is (not just the scary shit you see on the tv!). I was pretty lucky in my ability to travel in my early 20’s. There’s a long story I could get into, but I’ll skim for everyone’s benefit!

So, aged 21, one day before I was supposed to go to Finland for 3 months, I’m diagnosed with aforementioned intestinal tumor (Seriously, the BEST case study for why you should get travel insurance people!) not a good deal, but if I HADN’T checked it out, I probably wouldn’t have made it back from there (heavy, I know!). But, a year and a half later, I finally made it over there… And man, what a great country Finland is!

So many lakes, frustrating yet amazing language to know (I can at least understand it marginally), but amazing, friendly (if a bit dry) people. I made it to Finland twice, total 6 months involving so many great things:

  • Drive through Finland, to northern Norway and back through Sweden
  • Hiking the Arctic
  • Snowboarding the Arctic (-33 Celsius was an experience!)
  • Reindeer
  • Trips to Cephalonia, Prague, Rome, Tallinn and general exploring of the rest of Finland
  • In short, most amazing time of my life!

More recently I’ve been to Thailand, went to New Zealand a long time ago, but next on the list is Myanmar (Burma), Nepal and Iceland. So look forward to that!

All round gentleman about town

This is a bit of a self-endorsement, but seriously the best sum up of me socially. I like to do all kinds of things (Insert shameless plug of my Instagram here: @anfronionio). Depending on who you ask, I’m a bit of a hipster (read: dresses non-crappily, listens to vinyl records and generally socially aware). Other, more genuine hipsters would disagree.

That said I’m all about independent/alternative music, whiskey over beer (but both are good), contemporary/pop art, vinyl is pretty special, music festivals/live gigs and small bars tickle my fancy, can play guitar and harmonica and, yes, I may have played ultimate frisbee for some time. Aside from that, was a natural at soccer (for 22 years!), into cars, fitness, rock climbing, fishing… it goes on like this really!


So that’s the short version! Obviously I could go on, but that would most likely require a publishing deal of some sort!

Thanks for coming along! There’ll be some interesting (hopefully) stuff coming from here in the future, all about marketing, travel, music and general things I might have an opinion on!



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